"A" Auto Series Key Switch

Auto Door Security Key Switch Lockitwell
Auto Door Key Switch

Auto Series

Designed for control of Automatic doors on commerical building (Can be used for other applications). The "A" series uses a unique removable cylinder enabling convenient master keying and key recombinations. The lock cylinder also serves to lock in place a metal cover protecting the mounting screws from removal. The A-Series is also known as the SK1, SK2, SK3 & SK4 Download A series Brochure

Detailed "A" Series Infomation

PZ30 Oval Series Gate Box

PZ30 Key Switch Gate Box
Gate Box

The Oval Series Gate Box  125mm x 75mm

Surface Mount or Post Mount Rain Shield Galvanised Body with Stainless Steel Face.

Designed to surface mount on a wall or mount on a standard 75mm post. Keyway is shielded from the rain.  Download PZ30 Gate Box Brochure

Key Switch is not included with product.

"R" Removal Series Key Switch

Removal Key Switch
R Series Key Switch

Removable Core

The "R" series is ideally suited in a tenancy situation where the key combination may need to be changed from time to time. This switch uses a patented removable multi position cylinder that incorporates retrofit pin tumbler barrels of most lock manufactures. This enable Key controlled Master Key Systems to operate a variety of switching needs. A unique feature of the removable cylinder is the ability to remove the key and indicate any switched position. Also avaiable with Bezel and Lift mount options. These key switches are also refered as the rolls royce of key switches because of the flexability and quality of the switch.  Download R Series Brochure 

Detailed "R" Series Infomation

"K" Standard Series

Ezy Series Security Key Switch
Ezy Security Key Switch

Standard Series (EZY Series)

The Standard series of key operated switches has been designed for durability security,  easy selection and easy installation. Designed for Panel mount only the Standard series uses a common 530 entrance set lock cylinder. The Ezy Series are a set of four common switches are available off the shelf and are designed for common circuit uses.    Download K Series Brochure 

 Detailed "K" Series Infomation

"O" Oval Series

Oval Series Security Key Switch 570 Cylinder
Oval Security Key Switch

Oval Series

The Oval series of key operated switches has been designed for durability security, easy selection and easy installation. Four common switches are available off the shelf. Download O Series Brochure 

Detailed "O" Series Infomation

"E" Elevator Series

Lift Mount Security Key Switch Lockitwell
Lift Security Key Switch

Elevator Series

The "E" series is primarily designed for use on Lifts and Elevators. It meets the strict elevator regulations and can be supplied to suit standard or unique lift key codes. Circuits to suit most lift manufactures are available off the shelf. Large stock holdings are held ensuring fast track delivery.  Download E Series Brochure 

Detailed "E" Series Infomation

Key Switch Order Form

Key Switch Order Form
Key Switch Order Form

Key Switch Order Form

Download and use this PDF to help you order the correct key switch for your application. This form should be used in conjunction with the key switch series brochure. Download Switch Order Form 


Roller Door Series

LIW Roller Door Key Switch
Larger picture
Roller Door Series Key Switch

Taken from our range of Key Switches we have made it easy for Roller Door installers to choose the correct switch for there application. With this range of 4 Key Switches you can simply choose the correct switch for your needs. Avaiable with 5 different fixing: Slim Line Surface, Clipsal 2000 series, Surface fix Mount box, Stainless steel flush fit or Water resistant Surface mount. All switches are easy for the client to adapt to there master key system and use standard key cylinders. 

   Download Roller Door Series Key Switch Brochure


Room / Air Conditioner Key Switch

Room Power Air Conditioner key switch
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Control the Power and Air Conditioner power consumption by key interlocking with the entrance door key. 
In room key switches are used to control the power consumption of unattended rooms. The method of operation is the front door of the room is keyed alike to the key switch. The occupant uses his key to unlock the front door, then uses the same key to turn the key switch turning the power to the room or air con on. The key is captive in the on position. When the occupant leaves the room the key switch is turned off and key removed. The key is taken so the occupant can re-enter the room. Download Room / Air Conditioner Brochure

PZ70 Weather Resistant Enclosure

 PZ70 WATER IP66 RATED Key Switch

Weather Resistant Enclosure

Made from fire resistant plastics and passed the IP66 international weather protection rating.
This enclosure will protect the key switch from all types of weather.

Designed to be used with Panel Mount key switches like the R and K series
Download PZ70 Weather Enclosure Brochure

Energy Safe Victoria Warning

The Electrical Safety Act 1998 requires that persons installing electrical products - such as power points, lights switches, light fittings and electrical wiring have to be registered electrical contractors or licensed electricians. It is dangerous and illegal for homeowners /  "Do It Yourself" enthusiasts to install electrical products. Substantial penalties apply. 

Custom Stainless Steel Mimic Panels

Custom Mimic Panel
Larger picture

Lock It Well P/L have the expertise to make custom specialised Stainless Steel Plates. We have a range of different techniques including:
 Laser Etching, Rotary Engraved, Engraved & Paint Filled, Laminated Plastic Signs and Vinyl Lettering.
We also have guillotine, folding and punch tooling to allow quick turn around time for small batches.